And now a word from our sponsor…..

In an act of shameless self-promotion (while I’m getting my next REAL post ready), I would like to present my Etsy photography store, right here.

FYI, if anyone sees an image they would like a print of on this blog, including the Gallery section, I can create a custom Etsy listing for it.  Just contact me ( to identify the image and specify a size.

Which is, I guess, a good excuse to throw another photograph up on Nadia’s Backyard.  This was taken on a fall hike at the Prairie Garden Trust, a beautiful piece of land owned and maintained by Henry and Lorna Domke near Fulton, MO.  See the link to the right.  Go visit!

Autumn Prairie Landscape

Autumn Prairie Landscape

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2 Responses to And now a word from our sponsor…..

  1. Henry Domke says:

    I enjoyed looking at the pictures on your Etsy store. I’ll be curious to see if that leads to many sales.

    Thanks for the plug for the Prairie Garden Trust. Hope to see you back several times this year.

    • Randy Tindall says:

      Thanks, Henry. I’ll be curious too, and I’ll let you know.

      I plan on making many trips to PGT this year, if it’s okay. It’s a treasure. I mean, how many places can you go in Missouri to see a fossilized reef?

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