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There is something in silence

Even in the relative peace and quiet of our backyard, my mind buzzes.  While a titmouse is making its monotonous, but very determined, call to attract a mate, while the wind whooshes through tree branches, and a red-shouldered hawk cries … Continue reading

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An Eerie, Early Spring (but at least the Bloodroot’s up!)

Stuff is popping out all over, almost too fast to keep up with.  So far we have over twenty Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) blossoms either open or coming up in our yard.  I am now inspired to add this handsome citizen … Continue reading

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The Upper Left-Hand Brick

NOTE:  This posting has an error.   The apple-like oak leaf gall is caused by a midge, not a wasp.  The leaf gall of the wasp is an elongated gall along the veins of the leaf.  I will update the … Continue reading

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