A Bounty of Broom Moths

Uresiphita reversalis (Genista Broom Moth Caterpillar) on Blue Wild Indigo

Have your Baptisia been looking a little ragged lately?  Check for these little guys.  We are certainly having an outbreak in our yard, maybe due to the weirdness of the spring this year (?).  I expect the Indigos will survive, but they don’t look particularly pleased at the moment.

Damage to Blue Wild Indigo Leaves

It’s said that these critters also like other pea-family shrubs, so beware.  At least the caterpillars are cute.  Their plentiful poop—-not so much.

Caterpillar poop

Caterpillar poop

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  1. Henry Domke says:

    I’ve never seen that one before. Very cool!

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