To All Things a Season

Walter Tindall on one of his tractors

Walter H. Tindall, 1934-2012.

He was a husband, father, grandfather, friend to many, veteran and farmer, like his father before him.  He loved the land and the work and the trappings of farming, and he loved his family.

Dad liked his nature tidy and kept his farm and fields manicured.  Ask anyone around town—they’ll tell you.  To this day, he is the only farmer I ever knew who would wash and wax his equipment, up to and including combines.  He had little time for things like milkweeds and other “weeds”, but he planted and nurtured hundreds of trees on the little acreage where we lived and loved watching the birds that thrived in them.  He watered those trees for uncounted hours with a tank pulled by one of his shiny tractors, and when he mowed, as he often did, he was known to get down and trim neatly around the trees with a pair of scissors.  Hundreds….of…..them.  Like I said, he liked things tidy.

And you know what?  Because of that and many other things he did, I’ll cut him all the slack he wants on the milkweeds.

We’ll miss you, Dad.


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