Spring Rerun: Kimchi from your backyard to you

Spring is sprung and we have cup plant and lamb’s quarters in our backyard, with goldenglow within an easy hike (soon to join our other natives around the house).  In honor of this wealth of native edible greens, we are doing a rerun of an earlier posting on the making of kimchi, or fermented Korean vegetables, from whatcha got around ya.  It’s easy, it’s tasty, and, with wild ingredients for the asking, it’s almost free!  Plus, it can made in hundreds of variations—just check the web for recipes and switch in your own ingredients and preferences for spiciness, etc.  (I would imagine that an enterprising person could adapt this to make a native greens sauerkraut without too much difficulty.)

Native edible greens, korean kimchi

Korean-style kimchi made from native edible greens

So here’s the link:

Backyard Haute (or at least, Hot) Cuisine

Go thou and ferment likewise.

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2 Responses to Spring Rerun: Kimchi from your backyard to you

  1. Mmmmm…I’ll bet that tastes great! I’m working up the courage to prepare Fiddleheads sauteed in garlic and butter. I know I have the correct ferns, but I’m still a little cautious about it. I might try a small amount first and then build up to it. We tried our own foraged Morel mushrooms last year, and they were fabulous! I love the idea of gathering and growing my own food. Good for you with the homemade, foraged kimchi!

    • Randy Tindall says:

      Let us know how the fiddleheads work out! We use a lot of lamb’s quarters from our yard around here. The young leaves can be put right into salads (so can cup plant and golden glow), and they can also be put in omelets and quiches. There’s a lot of tasty free stuff out there.

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