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Ants in Your Plants? The Magic of Myrmecochory.

Let us again consider the Bloodroot, one of spring’s most lovely and ephemeral visitors.  Having emerged in March, the little herd in our yard is just now finishing with its crop of seeds, and here they are.  Almost, but not … Continue reading

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Bloodroot Update (At Last)

I finally added the Bloodroot article to our Native Plants section here.  These days our annual crop of Sanguinaria has long ago dropped its blossoms and has settled into respectable child-rearing mode.  Looks like a good crop of seeds this … Continue reading

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An Eerie, Early Spring (but at least the Bloodroot’s up!)

Stuff is popping out all over, almost too fast to keep up with.  So far we have over twenty Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) blossoms either open or coming up in our yard.  I am now inspired to add this handsome citizen … Continue reading

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February Flora!

February 23, and we have non-native crocuses blooming and native wild leeks peeking up in our backyard.  Talk about your winter wonderland… Note: the leeks link has a couple recipes.  It’s Nadia’s article in the newsletter of the Hawthorn Chapter … Continue reading

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And now a word from our sponsor…..

In an act of shameless self-promotion (while I’m getting my next REAL post ready), I would like to present my Etsy photography store, right here. FYI, if anyone sees an image they would like a print of on this blog, … Continue reading

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You can’t keep a good Goddess down

Despite yesterday’s snow and the 15-degree reading on our outside thermometer this morning, our Sky Blue Aster still held onto a few bedraggled blossoms. I mean, you really have to admire the persistence of this late-season bloomer!  It’s over for … Continue reading

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A Mysterious Gem

I would like to say that this was painted in our backyard, but I would not be telling the truth.  It could have been, had the artist visited here.  It could have been a playful interpretation of our little water … Continue reading

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Specially and diversely unique. Or something…

It was waaay past time to turn the compost in our backyard. One of those jobs that seem much worse in anticipation than they actually are, turning compost is something I can put off for a very long time.  Now, … Continue reading

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Image Galleries—Finally

I’m finally getting around to putting some images up!  You can view them under “Image Gallery” and switch between the different topics at the lower left of the gallery screen, where it says All Categories.  More images will be added … Continue reading

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Late Boneset

We just added a new page under Our Native Plants for the under-appreciated Late Boneset (Eupatorium serotinum).  A humble, but worthy addition to anybody’s backyard, which literally buzzes with activity!

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