Our Native Plants

Here is The List of our floral companions in our urban wilderness.  This page will always be under construction, as we add new plants, improve formatting, correct mistakes, fill out supplemental information, and so on.  I also intend to add a list of plants alphabetized by common names.  The brief notes that are included are based mostly on our own experiences, rather than pulled from other sources.  If not, the source should be noted (eventually).

Remember, this is a work in progress and it is currently pretty ugly.  The goal is to have links for information on each plant in the list, and separate pages for many of them, with guidance on using them in native landscapes, for food, and for encouraging wildlife.

List of Plants in Nadia’s and Randy’s Wildlife Sanctuary
Compiled by Nadia Navarrete-Tindall/Native Plant Extension Specialist
Revised on June 13, 2010

Vines, shrubs, trees

Scientific Name                           Common Name                    Notes

1      Amelanchier arborea                     Serviceberry
2      Amorpha canescens                      Leadplant
3      Amorpha fruticosa                        False wild indigo
4      Amorpha nana                              Dwarf amorpha
5      Amorpha nitens                            Shining wild indigo
6      Asimina triloba                             Paw-paw
7      Callicarpa americana                     American beautyberry
8      Ceanothus americanus                  New Jersey tea
9      Celastrus scandens                       American bittersweet
10    Cephalantus occidentalis               Buttonbush                               Shrub/needs space
11    Cercis canadensis                         Redbud
12    Diospyrus virginiana                     Persimmon
13    Euonymous purpureus                  Wahoo
14    Hibiscus lasiocarpus                     Rose mallow                             Shrub/needs space
15    Hydrangea virginica                      Wild hydrangea
16    Hypericum prolificum                   Shrubby St. John’s wort
17    Ilex decidua                                  Deciduous holly
18    Liquidambar styraciflua                 Sweet gum
19    Passiflora incarnata                       Passion fruit (flower)
20    Physocarpus opulifolius                Ninebark
21    Rhus aromatica                             Fragrant sumac
22    Ribes missouriense                       Gooseberry
23    Rosa carolina                                Pasture rose
24    Rosa setigera                                Climbing rose
25    Rubus flagellaris                            Dewberry
26    Rubus occidentalis                        Black raspberry
27    Vitis spp.                                      Wild grape
Forbs (herbaceous plants)

28    Allium canadense                          Wild garlic
29    Allium stellatum                             Wild onion
30    Amsonia illustris                            Shining blue star
31    Antennaria plantaginifolia               Pussytoes
32    Apocynum cannabinum                 Indian hemp-dogbane          Avoid,
takes over
33    Aquilegia canadensis                     Columbine
34    Arisaema triphyllum                      Jack in the pulpit
35    Asarum canadense                        Wild ginger
36    Asclepias incarnata                       Swamp milkweed                  Perfect
37    Asclepias purpurea                       Purple milkweed
38    Asclepias siryaca                          Common milkweed
39    Asclepias tuberosa                        Butterfly weed
40    Asclepias verticillata                      Whorled milkweed
41    Asclepias viridis                            Spider milkweed
42    Aster linariifolius                           Stiff-leaved aster
43    Aster novae-angliae                       New England Aster
44    Aster oolentangiensis                    Sky blue aster
45    Aster pilosus                                White heath aster
46    Astragalus crassicarpus                 Ground plum
47    Baptisia alba                                 White indigo
48    Baptisia australis                            Blue wild indigo
49    Baptisia bracteata                          Cream wild indigo
50    Blephilia ciliata                               Ohio horsemint
51    Calaminta arkansana                      Calamint
52    Callirhoe bushii                              Poppy mallow
53    Campanula americana                    American bellflower                Annual
54    Chamaecrista fasciculata                Partridge pea                          Annual
55    Claytonia virginica                         Spring beauty
56    Coreopsis grandiflora                    Coreopsis
57    Coreopsis spp.                             Coreopsis
58    Dalea purpurea                              Purple prairie clover
59    Desmanthus illinoensis                   Illinois bundle flower
60    Dicentra cucullaria                         Dutchman’s breeches
61    Diospyrus virginiana                      Persimmon
62    Dodecatheon meadia                     Shooting star
63    Echinacea purpurea                       Purple coneflower
64    Erigeron pulchelus                         Robin’s plantain
65    Erigeron strigosus                         Daisy fleabane
66    Fragaria americana                        Wild strawberry
67    Gentiana andrewsii                        Close bottle gentian
68    Geranium maculatum                     Wild geranium
69    Helenium sp.                                 Sneezeweed Moist/wet                                                                                                                 70.                                                       Ashy sunflower                    For drier areas
71    Helianthus tuberosus                     Jerusalem artichoke              Avoid in
72    Hepatica nobilis                            Round lobed hepatica
73    Heuchera richardsonii                   Alum root
74    Hydrastis canadensis                    Golden seal
75    Impatients capensis                       Impatients (orange flower)
76    Iris fulva                                      Copper iris                           Tall in shade
77    Iris virginica                                 Southern blue flag                 Tall in shade
78    Lespedeza virginica                      Slender lespedeza
79    Liatris aspera                                Rough blazing star
80    Liatris pycnostachya                     Gayfeather
81    Lindera benzoin                            Spice bush
82    Lobelia cardinalis                          Cardinal flower                    Moist/perfect
83    Lobelia siphilitica                          Blue lobelia                          Moist/perfect
84    Maianthemum recemosum             False solomon seal
85    Manfreda virginica                        Wild aloe
86    Mertensia virginica                        Bluebells
87    Monarda fistulosa                         Bee balm
88    Oxalis violaceae                            Violet wood sorrel
89    Parthenium integrifolium                Wild quinine
90    Penstemon digitalis                       Foxglove beardtongue         For drier areas
91    Phalafoxia callosa                         Spanish needles
92    Phlox bifida                                  Sand phlox
93    Phlox divaricata                            Sweet williams
94    Phytolaca americana                     Pokeweed
95    Podophyllum peltatum                  Mayapple
96    Polygonum lapathifolium               Smartweed white
97    Polygonum sp.                             Smartweed
98    Polygonum sp.                             Smartweed pink
99    Pontederia cordata                       Pickerel weed                      Wet areas
100  Potentilla simplex                         Common cinquefoil
101  Pycnanthemum sp.                       Hairy mountain mint
102  Pycnanthemum tenuifolium           Slender mountain mint
103  Pyrrhopappus carolinianus            False dandelion
104  Ratibida pinnata                           Gray-headed coneflower
105  Rudbeckia hirta                            Black-eyed susan
106  Rudbeckia subtomentosa              Sweet black-eyed susan        Moist, reseeds
itself, easy to
107  Rudbeckia triloba                         Brown-eyed susan                 Moist. reseeds
itself/easy to
108  Ruellia humilis                              Hairy petunia
109  Ruellia streptens                           Wild petunia
110  Salvia azurea                                Blue sage
111  Sanguinaria canadensis                 Bloodroot
112  Sedum pulchellum                       Widow’s cross
113  Senecio obovatus                        Roundleaf groundsel
114    Senna marilandica                      Wild senna
115    Silphium perfoliatum                  Cup plant
116    Siphium integrifolium                 Rosinweed
117    Sium suave                                Water parsnip                         Wet, grows
very tall
118    Sporobolus heterolepsis             Dropseed
119    Strophostyles helvula                 Wild bean
120    Stylophorum diphyllum              Celandine poppy
121    Sysyrhinchium campestre           Blue-eyed grass
122    Thalia dealbata                           Wild canna
123    Thalictrum dasycarpum              Purple meadow rue
124    Tradescantia ernestiana              Woodland spiderwort
125    Trillium recurvatum                    Purple trillium
126    Veronicastrum virginicum           Culver’s root
127    Viburnum rufidulum                   Rusty blackhaw
128    Viola pedata                              Bird’s-foot violet
129    Viola pubescens                        Yellow violet
130    Viola striata                               White violet
131        Christmas fern
132        false climbing milkweed
133        fragile fern
134        Rock pink
135        meadow rue

Native grasses
136    Glyceria striata                             Manna grass                 Likes wet, nice
137    Chasmanthium latifolium              River oats                     Aggressive, avoid
in small gardens
138    Elymus hystrix                             Bottle brush                  Moist to dry,
does not take over
139    Elymus virginicus                         Virginia wildrye              Moist to dry,
may take over
140    Koeleria macrantha                       Prairie junegrass
141    Danthonia spicata                         Poverty grass
142    Festuca paradoxa                         Cluster fescue
143    Festuca subverticillata                   Nodding fescue


2 Responses to Our Native Plants

  1. Cathy Martin says:


    FYI, number 52, Callirhoe bushii, Poppy mallow, was named in honor of my great-great grandfather, American Botanist Benjamin Franklin Bush……..that is how I found your page, researching his work. Nice page, BTW

    • Randy Tindall says:

      Wow, fascinating! Nadia will be especially interested to learn this. Thanks for the comment. I may use this in the writeup on this plant, if it’s okay with you.

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